Quick Highlights of Carve Protein Cake
Low sugar / No GI impact!
No sugar spikes
Low-inflammatory ingredients
High Protein
Dessert that you can eat anytime / Day or night, lunch or dinner!
Non-GMO / Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Soy Free
Shelf Life?
100 days in freezer – They taste amazing BTW
30 days in the fridge – Great for a breakfast or late night snack!
5 days at room temp – Toss one in your bag on the go!

Why are Carve Protein Cake’s refrigerated?

Carve Protein Cake is Conscious & Delicious cake like bars that offer only 2 grams of sugar and high protein.  Designed with the best whole food ingredients, there are no compromises when the cake is made.  That means no GMO’s, no preservatives, and no tough dry protein bars.  Natures best foods have come together to create a truly unique eating experience.

What makes Carve Protein Cake different?

Carve Protein Cake’s were originally designed to optimize gut health / digestive system.  Low sugar and low-inflammatory ingredients come together to create healthy on the go nutrition. Great before a workout with the right combination of complex carbs or after a workout with a high dose of protein our bites are delicious and versatile.  Carve Protein Cake’s are the only nutrition product with a base of organic pumpkin or organic sweet potato.  Get ready to experience a better bar.

Can I keep them out of the fridge?

Yes, the bars are great on the go with a 5 day room temp shelf life.  That means you can toss them in your bag and go!

How do the Carve Protein Cake’s have so little sugar?

We created a unique blend of three natural sweeteners that taste just like sugar without all the inflammatory properties of real sugar.  We use Birch Xylitol, Monk Fruit and Stevia to sweeten our bites.  Even safe for diabetics.

Where is the Protein Cake made?

Carve Protein Cake are locally made in beautiful Venice Beach and Culver City, CA.

What retailers can I buy Carve Protein Cake from?  We distribute through Seacoast Distribution and Comfy House Distribution – Locations are opening up every day throughout SoCal. Below is a list of some of our local doors.

Beverly Hills
Rainbow Acres
Marina Del Rey
Mothers Market
Costa Mesa
Laguna Woods
Santa Monica Co-Op
Wynn Hotel (Vegas)
Encore Hotel (Vegas)
Alka Power 
Pacific Coast Greens 
The Studio (Marina Del Rey)
LA Urban Fitness 
A few East Coast locations….

Why is Gluten Free important?

Although commonly associated with celiac disease many do not appreciate gluten’s potentially incredible impact on the health of countless individuals or the commonality with which people may be afflicted with non-celiac “gluten sensitivity”.  In fact, gluten may well be at the silent root of a great many of the health challenges millions of people face today, both physical and mental.  Its inflammatory and immune compromising effects can be a dangerous catalyst for many things.  It is rarely even suspected as an underlying culprit in most instances, however.  Furthermore, the inherent presence of what are called exorphins in grains (morphine-like compounds) make gluten-containing grains quite addictive for large numbers of people and leave many in frank denial of the havoc it can wreak.


To contact or for wholesale inquires:

hello@carvenutrition.com / Scott@carvenutrition.com

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