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  1. Carl R. 3 months ago

    Love this cake! The texture is amazing and the taste is just like cake, but without the sugar craze that every other product has. I recommend this product to anyone who is sugar sensitive or simply looking for a treat to satisfy that sweet tooth.

  2. Richard Wiseman 3 months ago

    At last, a moderately priced, relatively sugar-free (actually, no sugar, just xylitol and stevia) which tastes good and satisfies my after dinner craving for sweets (and chocolate).

  3. renee d 3 months ago

    love ,love ,love these bars!
    lots of protein and low sugar
    truly yummy

  4. Cheryl Skead 3 months ago

    Our entire family loves these bars. They are a high quality protein bar with no sugar, what more can you ask for. Our favorite is the Chocolate Cake with Quinoa. I have to order a lot at a time because my teenage boys gobble them up.

  5. Gideon Davis 3 months ago

    If you care about your health and want something that tastes good and provides the right type of energy, these bars are the best. Forget all of the other so called “health bars” that are filled with artificial ingredients and look at the ingredient list on these bars. I am a fan. Carve on!!

  6. Shirley W 3 months ago

    I stumbled upon these delicious bars at Erewhon and then found out I could order them directly. They satisfy my sweet tooth completely and serve as my only dessert. I “carve’ them up into little bites and share with friends, too! The Chocolate Cake with Quinoa is my favorite but you should try them all!

  7. Sara 3 months ago

    Very excited to try them! Ordered some for myself and a friend who is a triathlete!

  8. thebay 3 months ago

    We love the Carve Bars and the company. Have been able to donate through the site. Great communication and customer service. The bars taste great and are low suger so quilt free in our minds!

  9. Lea Flagg 2 months ago

    Can you buy the cookies ?
    Thank you,

    • Scott Elliot 2 months ago

      Hi Lea,

      Thank you for your comment. The Carve Cookies will be on the site soon and we will be taking pre-orders as well you can also sign up to be the 1st to order through the pop up on the site. The cookies are amazing and we are excited to share them with you. Carve,

  10. Albert 1 month ago

    I love these bars. Low sugar great tasting. What more can you ask for.

  11. Donna Long 2 weeks ago

    Received my variety package of cookies today. ME …..being the critic I am and living on Oreos and Hohos all my life…can actually say these r exceptionally GOOD…..good texture….good taste….very fresh……and healthy for me. !!!! Impressed. !!!!

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